Meet Techi,
Our AI Expert in Excellence

In a world where precision and swiftness are paramount, Ontegra introduces Techi – an Artificial Intelligence revolutionizing facilities management operations. Our journey, deeply rooted in expertise since 2002 and fortified by Deyaar’s legacy, continues as we harness the potential of AI.

Techi is more than just innovation; it’s our pledge to deliver unsurpassed efficiency. His integration into our core operations is a testament to our relentless drive to merge human-centric service with the acumen of AI, ensuring seamless facilities management.


1. Multilingual Mastery

Tech-savvy and tongue-talented, Techi speaks the language of efficiency in 10 languages. His multilingual capabilities mean barriers are broken, and seamless communication is guaranteed, reflecting our global ethos and diverse client base.


2. Automated Precision

With meticulous attention to detail, Techi automates complex reporting, translating the intricacies of facilities management into precise, actionable documents, enabling clear, informed decisions across the board.


3. Voice-Activated Commands

Techi takes convenience to the next level, responding to voice commands for a hands-free operational experience. His proactive interactions are designed to streamline workflow and enhance productivity.


4. Proactive Problem-Solving

Equipped with advanced diagnostics, Techi anticipates and addresses technical challenges, mitigating risks and ensuring uninterrupted operations with predictive maintenance strategies.


5. Intuitive Financial Acumen

Techi’s algorithmic accuracy extends to the financial realm, providing instant, error-free quotes and invoices, embodying our commitment to transparency and trust.

Coming Live, on 15th June 2024

Currently perfecting the experience during our beta phase