Security Services

Securing Your Peace of Mind

At Ontegra, our Security Services division is steadfast in offering uncompromised safety and security for our clients across various sectors. Our approach combines the robustness of SIRA-approved protocols with the adaptability needed in today’s diverse operational landscapes.


Industry-Specific Security Expertise

Our deep understanding of different industries enables us to customize security solutions that align with the unique challenges and risks of each sector. This bespoke strategy enhances our efficiency and effectiveness in safeguarding assets, information, and people.

Technology-Enhanced Vigilance

Ontegra’s security services are bolstered by state-of-the-art surveillance and monitoring technologies. By integrating advanced systems and intelligent analytics, we ensure proactive prevention and swift response to any potential or real-time threats.

Comprehensive Security Training

Each member of our security force undergoes rigorous training, ensuring they’re prepared for the complexities of modern-day protection. Regular updates and skill enhancements keep them sharp and ready to tackle evolving security challenges.

A Commitment to Safety

Ontegra’s security solutions are rooted in our unwavering commitment to create and maintain safe environments. Our priority is not just to respond to incidents but to anticipate and prevent them, fostering a secure atmosphere where business can thrive unimpeded by concern for safety.

With Ontegra, security is more than a service—it’s a promise
A promise to deliver peace of mind with vigilance, expertise, and unwavering dedication to the safety of our clients’ facilities and their occupants.

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