elevating standards

Elevating Standards in Facility Management

Ontegra, more than a facilities management company, is your expert in proactive asset care. With roots stretching back to 2002 and the backing of Deyaar, we possess a deep understanding of customer needs. Our approach transcends traditional FM services, as we employ global best practices to not only manage but also enhance and extend the life cycle of your assets. Our capabilities have earned us the trust of a diverse clientele, managing a substantial portfolio across various industries.

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Numbers Crafting the Future



Two decades of pioneering FM solutions, leading the industry with innovation and service excellence


Qualified Staff

A robust team of over two thousand experts, dedicated to upholding the highest standards of facility management


Managed Units

Over twenty-five thousand units under our careful stewardship, ensuring operational efficiency and client satisfaction


Sq. Ft. Portfolio

A portfolio exceeding thirty million square feet, showcasing our capability in managing diverse spaces with precision

elevating standards

Crafting Excellence in Every Detail

Ontegra’s signature approach is defined by our ability to tune into the unique needs of our customers. We craft bespoke solutions that encompass more than mere management – we aim to revolutionize the essence of asset care. Our expansive portfolio and commitment to quality are evident in our successful projects and satisfied clientele, each a testament to our unparalleled service.

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elevating standards

We Always Deliver Beyond Expectations

In a world where details make the masterpiece, Ontegra ensures every pixel of your facility management is perfect. We’re not just providing services; we’re crafting experiences. From intricate planning to flawless execution, our team is dedicated to ensuring excellence. We handle everything with an unwavering commitment to delivering beyond what’s expected, every single time.

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